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Commissioning a piece


I have an established range of pieces, such as my ‘Infinity’ tables, which I can tailor to individual clients' wishes using different timbers or colours but which use a standardised form as the basis for the design. 

Whilst these pieces are all still made to order there is another way to acquire a piece of furniture from me which will be totally unique and specific to you, your needs and your space.

Commissioning a piece is an interesting and enjoyable process and can be for anything from a small frame or box to a piece of furniture or an entire interior space such as a kitchen, bedroom or corporate reception.  It is my job to interpret your needs and your wishes and to design something for you that is functional, beautiful and durable, within your budget.

Once you have contacted me, we will usually arrange to meet and discuss your requirements.  This will ideally be at the location where the project will be installed so that I can get a feel for the space, the décor and your existing taste but this is not always necessary for smaller items or gifts.  It is useful at this stage to show me any images of things that you may have seen and liked but this is not essential and I am happy to work from a blank page if you are unsure or wish to give me free rein.  It is also useful at this point to have a broad idea of what you are prepared to spend on the project and the timeframe for its delivery as these can have a significant impact on the options available to you.

If you are happy with our initial discussions and wish to continue I will ask for a small design fee from you, typically around 10% of the estimated final total, which will be deducted from your bill if you commission the piece.  I will then produce some designs which, depending on the brief from you, may be quite broad and diverse in their initial approach, or if you have a good idea of exactly what you want, they may focus more on the details.  Through further discussions and revisions of these sketches we will settle on a final design for your piece and at this point a quote will be given for the project.

Assuming that you remain happy to continue, I will invoice you for 50% of the total price, less the design fee already paid.  Settlement of this invoice will confirm your order and I will then schedule it into my workshop programme and will keep you updated on the progress of the project with occasional photographs of the making process where appropriate.  Where possible, I always like to deliver pieces personally to ensure that you are totally happy with the results and will then invoice you for the remaining 50% of the fee.  I will also ask to take some photographs of the piece in situ which, assuming you are happy for me to do, I may then use for future promotion of my work.